For those who have already played Love and Duty: Though parts of the concepts may be the same as at the 2023 runs, be aware that the character secrets and written relationships for the characters will most likely change. Do not assume that the sexuality or romantic interests of a character will be the same as at the previous run. 

Love and Duty will also have slightly different characters available than at the original run, to test out some new dynamics in the larp. 

With that said: Here you are able to read about the family concepts that are present at the 2024 runs of the larp, and a short note on the characters available in each of these groups. You do not have to read through this information, and in your sign-up it is possible to only choose themes you wish to explore rather than express interest in particular characters.

If you wish to see the complicated Upstairs family tree to understand how the families are connected, here is the link.

Here you can also see which servants will be present and which households they belong to.