Run 1: 13–17 November 2024, arriving between 5–7 PM on the 13th of November and leaving at noon on the 17th of November.
Run 2: 20–24 November 2024, arriving between 5–7 PM on the 20th of November and leaving at noon on the 24th of November.
Where: Gutshaus Groß Markow, Germany.
Transport: The location is situated about an hour from Rostock where several Scandinavian ferries stop. We will not be organizing transport to and from the location from any major city, but will facilitate pick-ups and drop-offs from the train station in Teterow for those who need it.
Accessibility: We will be larping in a historical house, where only parts of the bottom floor are wheelchair accessible.
Sleeping: Sleeping is done in-game as a rule and bedrooms are in-game spaces. Almost all rooms at the location are double rooms where participants need to share a bed.
Language: English. Be aware that the general level of English at this event may be high, but we will play to lift each other.
Age Limit: 18+
Sign-Up Process: We will be using a combination of casting and lottery when allocating the spots at the larp. However, when you sign up during the first sign-up period (1 November to 30 November) does not affect your chances of getting a place at the larp. It is not first come, first served.
Social Media: This larp will be using Discord as its social media platform. The link to the Atropos discord can be found here. It is perfectly alright for participants to coordinate using other platforms, but this will be where the organiser presence is, and where updates will be communicated.


How much: Tickets are
Upstairs Regular: €500
Upstairs Sponsor*: €600
Upstairs Subsidised: €450
Downstairs: €250

*It will also be possible to donate a higher sum to the larp, should you so wish.

The larp is non-profit and done on a volunteer basis. Sponsor tickets will go towards subsidising more tickets, and any surplus will go towards the larp itself, future runs as well as recurring administrative costs for Atropos, which is also a non-profit organization where all creative work is on a volunteer basis.

Covid Policy

We live in uncertain times, and because of this we all know that we have no guarantees that an event will be able to run. We will do our utmost to run the larp, and should the world shut down again, we promise to be clear and precise in our communication about the larp. 

However, this is a non-profit event where we are volunteering our time to run it. The budget of the larp will have expenses leading up to the event itself, such as rent, scenography etc. As such, we cannot promise you a full refund should the event have to be canceled due to covid-related issues. We promise to do our best to refund you at least part of the sum, should the event be canceled. 

We also expect everyone who signs up to either be vaccinated or have a medical exception.

Payment Plan

You will know if you’ve received a spot or not by the 6th of January at the very latest. After that you will have one month to pay your deposit to secure your place at the larp. Your full payment is due on the 30th of April, but if you need to pay in instalments you can reach out to the organisers to set up a payment plan.

Refund Policy

Your ticket contains a €50 non-refundable deposit. Should you drop out at any point leading up to the 30th of September 2024, we will refund you your full ticket price, except for deposit. Should you drop out after that date, you will not be refunded. This is to make sure that we can offer a subsidised or free ticket to someone coming in to the larp, so that we can fill all spots.

Important Dates

1 November 2023: Sign-up opens
30 November 2023: First round of sign-up closes
5–15 December 2023: Flagging process.
6 January 2024: Acceptance e-mails and preliminary casting
6 February 2024: Deposit deadline
15 March 2024: Extended Character blurbs
30 April 2024: Full payment
15 July 2024: Final Characters
30 September 2024: Last day to drop out and get a refund
13 November 2024: The first run of the larp starts


We will have formal dancing every evening at the larp, and this will be workshopped both in-game and off-game. Before the larp we will let you know what dances will be used so that you can also practice beforehand if you wish. The servants are allowed to dance outside in the main hall if they stay out of sight, but may also be invited to join the gentry at some points. It should be noted that those playing in the Young Generation will be expected to dance a lot.

Costume Requirements

We have made a costume guide with detailed information about the fashions of this time and the vision for the different generation. This can be found here.

Below you can see a short summary of the garments that are expected for different groups.

For Everyone

We want everyone to have historically inspired undergarments and nightgowns at the larp, as we will not go off-game during the night. However, we don’t aim for full historic accuracy when it comes to fastenings, elastic, zippers or materials. If possible zippers or modern details should be hidden.

For men: Socks and a nightgown. Can also wear drawers and undershirts.
For women: Chemise, socks and some sort of corset or stays (best is short stays) as well as a nightgown.

Upstairs Men

Shoes with buckles or riding boots, shirt, waistcoat, breeches, gloves, and a regency tailcoat.

Upstairs Women

Buckled shoes, boots or ballerina shoes. A day dress and an evening dress. The latter should be white. White gloves. A fichu for married women.

Downstairs Men

There are some options here: 18th century inspired servant clothes, livery, or the same as Upstairs men but in more durable fabrics. Shoes are the same as for Upstairs.

Downstairs Women

Similarly there are options here: 18th century inspired servant clothes, livery, or the same as Upstairs women but in more durable fabrics. Shoes are the same as for Upstairs.