The Upstairs Experience

Characters are pre-written by the team. If you get a spot at the larp you will also find out which group and sub-group you belong to.

The Upstairs group is split into three sub-groups: The Older Generation, The Middle Generation and The Young Generation.

The Older Generation (2 Female Characters)

The Older Generation, often called the grandmothers (though they are only related to some of the guests) or dowagers, are two older women whose husbands have passed away. They both have wealth of their own that they can give as inheritance to a favourite child or grandchild, and they run their own households.

The play experience: This duo will focus on the marriage game, doing table seatings, trying to push couples together or break them up, and coaxing their children and relatives into making the young generation behave in the ”right” way. They are both in positions of power, and have a lot of status, and become almost in-game game masters for the rest, as the hosts of this get-together.
The housekeeper and butler will also assist them, so that it doesn’t get too off-game overwhelming.

It should also be noted that playing one of these characters does not mean that you are an off-game GM. However, it comes with some off-game responsibilities, like deciding who sits next to who, pairing up people for dances etc. However, the choices that these characters make do not need to be good.

The Middle Generation (11 Characters)

The Middle Generation are not just the parents of the young ones, but also the group of people that met at the Hawthorne event 25 years ago for a few days, and ended up being married off, more or less successfully. This generation has conflicts, and unresolved emotions from that time, and this will be the first time that all of them are in the same place again, which will surely bring back some memories.

The play experience: This group is the one caught in the middle. 25 years ago they were young and hopeful. They fell in love, they made mistakes and they all ended up making matches where most of them chose the acceptable option, rather than who they might have wanted to marry. Now they must keep up appearances as old flames appear, or family secrets risk being exposed. They of course also have to keep their children in line, coaxing them to make the right choices and making sure they don’t bring shame on the family name. They are the ones who may have to manipulate their children into falling for the right people.

This group will also a widower who is looking for a second wife in The Young Generation.

The Young Generation (11 Characters)

The Young Generation are the hopeful and naive group, who have been brought to Hawthorne Hall to find their matches. Some of them might have some experience from travels, seasons and balls, but never has there been this kind of pressure on them to fall in love… with the right person. This group are the pawns and bartering goods, but they are of course also emotional and can be swayed in different directions. They are young, self-absorbed, and eager to start living their lives.

The play experience: This group will focus on flirtation, falling in love and all the strong emotions of youth. It will be about growing up, or thinking that they have. However, they are also completely dependent on their families and can’t allow themselves to cause any scandal. This experience is very much about allowing your character to feel everything, and to sometimes slip up and do what you really wish to do. At the same time it’s about making the choice that benefits your family in the end.

A small note:

Though many of the Upstairs families come with servants, there will not be a great deal of time for dressing and doing hair. Instead we recommend that Upstairs players calibrate with their roommate how much they can help each other with dressing and hair, so that the assistance from the servants is a flavour, rather than a necessity.